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Visual Composer WordPress Plugin Review

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WordPress is great, and it truly deserves its popularity. But the thing is, it’s a very simple (rather, simplified) blogging platform. Use it for anything else, and things can get difficult quickly. There’s a WordPress Editor to help you out, but it’s not exactly super helpful once you need to venture into more complicated territory than just text with basic formatting.

What you need (especially if you are a CSS or HTML neophyte) is a plugin that enables you to edit and customize your WordPress-run website as easily as possible. That’s what a page builder is for, and among the many page builders available there’s one that is head and shoulders above the rest—the Visual Composer WordPress plugin.


For the most part the interface is quite easy to use according to just about every Visual Composer WordPress plugin review you’ll find, so creating posts and pages is now a breeze with this drag and drop interface. You don’t need to know CSS, HTML, or any other programming language at all.

You can copy or reuse current pages on your site, and you can save templates so that you can use them at a later time. It’s also multilingual ready, as it includes .po and .mo files along with ES, PF, BR, DE, PL, and RU contributed by users.

Visual Composer has a skin builder so you can come up with your own color theme, and you can also create a responsive layout that will work well with both regular desktops and mobile websites. Support is offered for just about any post types, and that includes custom post types as well.

Included in Visual Composer are content blocks that are already built in. It’s a very long list, and if you really want to know what’s offered, they include:

  • Accordion
  • Button
  • Call to action
  • Facebook like
  • FAQ
  • Flickr widget
  • Google maps
  • Google+
  • Image gallery
  • Message box
  • Pie Chart
  • Pinterest
  • Posts slider
  • Progress Bar
  • Raw HTML
  • Raw JS
  • Row
  • Separator
  • Single image
  • Tabs
  • Teaser grid
  • Text block
  • Text separator
  • Tour section
  • Tweetmeme
  • Video player
  • Widgetized sidebar

The latest version now has 44 content elements which you can use right away.


Let’s start with the most obvious advantage that Visual composer has over the others: its utter simplicity. It’s a WYSIWYG editor in the truest sense, as what you see on your editor is pretty much the same thing that displayed on the front end. The tabbed content will be shown in tabs, a red shape is a red shape on your editor, and it shows you the complete text of your text elements. If you have to come up with huge pages that seem to be filled to the brim with numerous elements, then this tiny detail is a huge advantage.

Because of this simplicity, you no longer need to master coding languages like CSS and HTML. Visual Composer enhances the default WordPress editor into a solid editor that full of features. Now you can do a lot, and you can add so much to your website pages. These additions can include videos, image galleries, columns, call-to-action buttons, Google maps, a pie chart and a progress bar, a message box, and a lot more besides. It’s so easy to use that your productivity can increase exponentially. Now a single page can be done in minutes, according to at least one Visual Composer WordPress plugin review.

Finally, even if you do encounter something that confuses you, or if you just need to ask questions, the customer support is also very helpful.


It’s hard to find a Visual Composer WordPress plugin review that mentions even the teeniest complaint, since the response to the plugin has been overwhelmingly positive. Of course, as it’s a commercial product it’s almost mandatory to mention the cost as a drawback. There are free alternatives available, such as Page Builder and Aqua Page Builder. If you can’t come up with the $125 for the extended license or even the $25 for the regular license, then it’s a no-go with the Visual Composer.

And even if you do buy it, some difficulties may arise. The licensing model is hard to figure out—it looks like it doesn’t have a developer option and the pricing scheme for buying add-ons is truly convoluted.

Using Visual composer can also show you some imperfections. For example, the user interface can be somewhat disorganized with the icons strewn about, although fortunately it’s quite intuitive. However, you may find some people who regard the Intuit user interface as much more intuitive.

Then there are also the problems with the upgrades, which can lead to some very serious difficulties. One upgrade, for example, resulted in an unfortunate elimination of the paragraph breaks!


WordPress is a godsend but it’s hard for newbies to come up with a website that’s both functional and attractive when they’re not experienced or knowledgeable in coding. That’s why people who want to have their own websites often need to hire specialists to do the more complicated webpage setups. A page builder is the answer to this problem, and among page builders the one you need to consider is Visual Composer.

Every Visual Composer WordPress plugin review seems to rave about it, and many reviews which compare it to other similar page builders tend to consider Visual Composer superior. Not that it’s perfect, mind you—some other similar plugins may have better user interfaces—but all things considered it’s probably better than anything else out there.

If you have to deal with complicated pages such as lengthy sales pages with numerous elements, then Visual Composer is the answer to your problems. It will give you a better user experience than dealing with short codes in the default WordPress editor, believe me. Use WPHeadline or ShortCodes Deluxe, along with Builder Theme, and you can create virtually everything you need when it comes to layout and page design. Even by itself, this plugin can give you basically all you need to come up with a professional website.


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