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[VIDEO] How to Create and Use WordPress Custom Menus

This is the second video in our WordPress for Beginners series. In this video we will show you how to create and use custom menus in WordPress. If you are using a theme that already supports the Wordpress 3 Custom Menu feature, adding a menu of your own is a [...]

How to Add QR Codes to Blog Posts in WordPress

Have you seen QR codes shown in blog posts? Have you ever thought why this is done? We are already online, and we are reading the post, so why we need a QR code? QR (Quick Response) code is used to give an identity to your product, so that people [...]

[VIDEO] How to Create a Blog Post in WordPress

Today we are starting our ‘Wordpress for Beginners’ video series. Each week we will add new tutorial videos that will help you to master WordPress. In our first video tutorial, you will learn how to add a new blog post on your WordPress website. Adding a blog post in WordPress [...]

6 Awesome WordPress Themes for Gym & Fitness Sites

Are you looking for some great looking themes for your fitness website? Then you are lucky today. Here are some awesome themes to spice up your fitness website. These themes can be a fantastic tool for creating and maintaining a healthy minded community. The prices of these themes are not [...]

How to Disable Post Revisions in WordPress

Whenever you save a post or a page in WordPress, the old version is retained so that you can revert back at any time. The WordPress Post Revision feature is enabled by default, and this continuously creates revisions of posts in your WordPress database, which of course, uses database resources. [...]

10 Awesome Free WordPress Themes November 2012 Edition

One of the greatest advantages of using  the WordPress CMS is that it has an excellent community which comes up with beautiful themes and plugins. There are hundreds of amazingly beautiful premium themes available. There are also some free themes which are as good as the premium themes. Here is [...]

What is new in WordPress 3.5? (Features & Screenshots)

The beta 3 of the new WordPress 3.5 was released on the 13th of November 2012. I have had a chance to take a sneak peek and have a quick play around with the beta 3 version. WordPress 3.5 is primarily focused on removing and improving existing features, rather than [...]

How to Merge Categories in WordPress

As your WordPress blog grows there can be situations where your blog is messed up with lots of categories. It might be a good idea to merge some similar categories to manage this mess. But it is really time wasting to go through each individual post and assign the new [...]

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