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MayaShop WordPress Theme Review

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Have you ever wondered why there are people and companies that do badly in online marketing and e-commerce, while there are those that manage to entice a lot of people to browse their e-commerce site, and purchase their products or services that are being marketed online? This Mayashop WordPress Theme Review will help to shed light on that very important question.

Your Site, Your Showcase

When you’ve got great products to sell, or excellent services that you want people to avail of, you’ve got to make them highly aware of it – that’s a given. Fortunately, the traditional ways of doing things as far as marketing is concerned are on the road to being heavily supplanted by e-commerce.

Where online marketing and e-commerce used to be just an adjunct or complement of mainstream marketing media and brick-and-mortar stores, today it is online marketing and e-commerce that are getting a huge share of consumer attention and patronage.  Having a great e-commerce site design is partly responsible for having high traffic and a high conversion rate, but more than that, it’s also important to have an e-commerce site that’s responsive.

WordPress as a CMS

WordPress, one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) is more known and utilized for blogging. However, more than just being a platform for blogs, WordPress is the kind of CMS with a high degree of extensibility. That is one of the major reasons that many people use WordPress in the creation and development of their e-commerce sites.

There’s a misconception still floating around up to now, that setting-up an e-commerce site is equivalent to rocket science. Far from it – the learning curve for WordPress is not that difficult. What’s more, there are a lot WordPress plugins, as well as WordPress themes that can combine together, or be functional on their own within the CMS.

These plugins and themes allow you to come up with an e-commerce site that’s sure to please not only those who have the products and services  to sell, but more importantly, the online consumers who can make or break the online business or shop.

Versatility and Creativity

Mayashop is one of the freshest and most value-laden WordPress-based themes for the development of e-commerce sites.  This Mayashop WordPress Theme review will present the many reasons why it is a highly preferred theme among design enthusiasts, and those who are serious about generating the most number of sales from their e-commerce sites.

Mayashop allows you to unleash your creativity and follow it where it will lead you. One of this theme’s major characteristics is that it gives you a lot of leeway to be versatile in conceptualizing your site, and executing the various design options that it makes available to you.

With its unlimited colors, more than 200 Google fonts and Cufón fonts, and 60 custom backgrounds, Mayashop lets you come up with website designs that can range from the more relaxed and clean corporate look, to the stunningly modern styles.

The ability to use Google fonts and Cufón fonts enables site creators or designers to maximize the use fonts that are safe for the web or are already web-optimized. Another good thing about these fonts is their “price” – Google fonts are free and open source, while Cufón fonts has a free Cufón font library.

Mayashop has taken the work out of sourcing these fonts and testing them out on your own by incorporating them into the theme.

Maya Shop WordPress Theme Home

JigoShop and Woo Commerce Plugins

Another reason that Mayashop is a highly favored theme is that it uses the very impressively useful JigoShop and Woo Commerce plugins. Woo Commerce plugins are vendor-friendly, customer-friendly, and developer-friendly tools premised on delivering enterprise grade quality and features. JigoShop, meanwhile, is an e-commerce plugin that is based on the WordPress core. The plugin gives you easy set-up, various product types, stock management capabilities, detailed reports on your admin dashboard, and allows you to extend your shop with shipping methods, and payment gateways.

No More Guessing, No More Headaches!

As part of this Mayashop WordPress Theme review, we’re including a very important consideration for everyone interested in e-commerce to think about. For many vendors, it’s not enough these days to have an online shop. What is just as important is to have the kind of web presence that can be accessed through different kinds of devices.

Think of it as a brick-and-mortar store that had an excellent line-up of products, but there was only one way to reach it, and that route was under repair. Wouldn’t the hassle discourage customers from going to it? That would mean lost sales. It’s the same with e-commerce sites that do not display properly on gadgets that are meant for portability and mobility.

Customers these days go online via devices other than personal computers. Even if  your e-commerce site displays properly on a standard desktop monitor, it will be such a waste if it doesn’t display just as properly over laptops, iphones, other mobile phones, tablets, and their hybrids. Remember, when customers are not able to access your e-shop properly, then its effectiveness is crippled.

Fortunately, Mayashop provides a fully responsive and highly customizable design that allows e-commerce sites to display and be accessed properly, whatever the access device being used. That removes guesswork and headaches of the part of the design developer.

Maya Shop WordPress Theme Products

Here’s a rundown of the other cool features of Mayashop:

  • Search engine optimized
  • 8 alternate homepage sliders for product slideshow
  • layout boxed or stretched style
  • 50+ custom backgrounds plus background images uploader
  • multiple payment options with tax support
  • product sliders in 2 different styles
  • user accounts, order tracking, and shipping options
  • numerous shortcodes and 12 custom widgets
  • 960 grid system layout
  • menu still works even if javascript is disabled
  • custom post type for testimonials and FAQs
  • unlimited “features tab” and sidebars
  • 3 different blog styles: big or small image, and elegant style
  • unlimited contact forms with javascript error control
  • translation-ready theme
  • prettyphoto (lightbox clone)
  • video tutorials for setting the theme
  • blog page + thread comments
  • extensive admin panel


Cons of the Mayashop WordPress Theme

With all the functionality and precision details for making your e-commerce shop highly responsive to customer needs that’s built-in to the Mayashop WordPress Theme, it’s rather hard to come up with any disadvantages. If there were any, it would probably have to do with the different prices for this theme that can be found all over the Net.  When in doubt, you can head over to ThemeForest and check out its going rate, to ensure that you get the best deal for your money.

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