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Inovado WordPress Theme Review

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When a theme is highly engaging and customizable, responsive, and is retina-ready to boot, can there be anything else that can top it? In order to find out, this Inovado WordPress Theme review will discuss what’s worth gushing about over this exceptionally functional and beautiful theme.

 Inovado: A Leader in Innovative Versatility

The very name of the theme calls to mind the word “innovation” which means something new and advanced.  That’s exactly what the Inovado premium theme provides from the very start – a fresh and innovative approach to providing those who own it with the freedom to customize it as much as they want, to meet their goals.

Inovado is totally versatile. It is great for designing online portfolios, e-commerce sites, online magazines, affiliate sites, or blogs.

 An Impressive Array of Features

The general characteristics of Inovado are provided below. Details of what’s in it for you immediately follow, in this Inovado WordPress Theme review.

Inovado provides you with:

  • the ability to make overall design modifications in only a few minutes
  • 5 varying header styles, each one with a distinct personality of its own
  • sticky headers for all of the header styles
  • layout versions –  wide and boxed
  • an easy time of element manipulation – change colors of each element that you see
  • google fonts – there are more than 500 of these fonts included in the theme, and you can apply them to different elements
  • the ability to turn on or turn off  almost all of the elements – this frees your creativity and you can build countless designs based on different permutations
  • custom backgrounds that can be used in every page of your site, including full screen images
  • 7 custom title bar styles per page (title, image, slider, clean head)


Now, here are the details of this amazing theme.

Responsive and Retina-Ready

Remember what was mentioned earlier that this theme is retina-ready? In its most basic sense, what being retina-ready simply means is that no matter what device is being used to view your site, whether it is:

  • a large or standard size desktop screen
  • your iPhone and other kinds of smart phones
  • a tablet or iPad

Inovado can make the viewing experience easy and delightful. With Inovado, not a single one of the fonts you used will deteriorate or appear unreadable to the viewer. What’s more, Inovado is fully optimized for devices that feature swiping and other touch gestures. That’s a high level of responsiveness and interactivity, especially when you consider that it even works on the sliders and shortcodes.

Easy Learning Curve

This Inovado WordPress Theme review guarantees that the learning curve involved in using Inovado is not high or difficult. Inovado comes with comprehensive documentation complete with video tutorials and a One-Click Sample Data file to allow even those who are very new to using WordPress based themes an easy time at handling it.  But if you prefer pre-configured page layouts or templates, Inovado is also good to go for that. All you need to do is put in your own content, and you’re all set.

 Revolution Slider Plugin 

Another reason why Inovado is so exciting to use is that it doesn’t miss out with the Revolution Slider Plugin.  A license of this plugin is included when you buy the Inovado theme.  Revolution Slider gives an almost unlimited supply of transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, and autoplay. You are also given the ability to set options so that you can create your own transition effects.

 WooCommerce Plugin 

If your interest lies more in creating an e-commerce site, Inovado also has you covered with that. The theme comes with the WooCommerce plugin, one of the most popular and desired plugins for e-commerce development. Through the WooCommerce plugin, you can create an online shop with a totally free Shopping Cart Solution.  The plugin is non-intrusive so if an online shop is not your focus, you can simply turn off the plug.

Amazing Flexible Design Framework 

Don’t like the original design that you came up with? Change it! With Inovado, changing your site’s overall layout is as simple as making a few clicks on the options provided in the Advanced Admin Panel.

You can:

  • change your overall layout
  • change element colors
  • choose a wide or boxed layout, upload full screen backgrounds
  • choose from 5 different headers
  • disable and enable every element as you require
  • choose and use different fonts to best suit your needs


Changing the look of your Inovado-designed site is way easier than changing your clothes!

 Boxed or Fluid Layouts 

Inovado and its  theme options panel gives you the freedom to choose from Fluid and Boxed Layouts.  For Boxed Layouts, you have the option of setting a global or site-wide background, or you can use separate, individual backgrounds for each page. Choose from a range of backgrounds: patterns, solid colors, and full-width images.

Inovado gives you access to Photoshop source files. These .PSD files will enable you to

present preview images for clients, or even do minor adjustments to the layout while in the course of presenting, it’s that simple and ready to use.

 SEO Ready 

What good is a well-designed site if it can’t get a good position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Nothing.  That’s why Inovado is ideal for those who have the specific goal of ranking high in the SERPs for their keywords. Of course content is very important, but designing a site that is compliant to web standards and also adheres to SEO best-practices is just as important. For further Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs, Inovado has been tested and found compatible with nearly all killer SEO Plugins.

FlexSlider Plugin 

Another powerful plugin that Inovado provides is FlexSlider plugin, a totally responsive jQuery slider. FlexSlider Plugin comes with various kinds of widgets, shortcodes, and slider settings.

Spice up Your Portfolio 

Design multiple portfolio pages to spice up your online portfolio! Inovado lets you:

  • select from 1 to 4 column layouts
  • reorder your posts anyway you like
  • choose between full or half-width detail pages for easier viewing

 Shortcodes and Widgets

Shortcodes are great for providing users with quick access to frequently done actions. You can click, touch, or swipe, depending on what device you are using. Through the innumerable Shortcodes, it becomes easier to build advanced content.

Inovado also comes with 7 built-in custom widgets:

  • Twitter Widget
  • Facebook Widget
  • Flickr Widget
  • Latest Projects Widget (for showcasing your latest portfolio items)
  • Video Embed Widget
  • Contact Details Widget
  • Advertising Links and Images.
  • Text Widgets (for shortcodes)

Any Disadvantages?

Nothing is perfect in this world, but fortunately, the Inovado theme has only one minor disadvantage, if you can even call it that. It’s just that when you upload a logo, it doesn’t automatically compensate for the size. You still need your logo’s column width to make it appear/display properly on your screen.

Anyway, that’s about it as far as this Inovado WordPress Theme review is concerned. We hope you found it useful!

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