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How to create a Kickass Email Address using Google Apps

So, you got yourself a pretty cool domain name for your business or blog. The next thing  anyone would want is to have a shiny new [email protected] email  address. We at WpBuddy, often get repeated queries from people asking for help in the same matter. Well, we can’t think of a better solution than our  friendly neighborhood Gmail. They have managed to handle email so well, that it may appear  illogical even to think about another provider, the highlight being the fact that Gmail is free!

This article would help you setup your own ‘Kickass’ professional email address. How? By connecting your custom domain name with Google Apps so you can enjoy the ‘Gmail-like’ irresistible features in your business email too.

Why Have a Business Email address?

A professional email address is that one which has your business name in it. It ultimately associates your name with the business entity that you represent, which is great if you want to showcase your corporate presence. For example, my own custom email, [email protected] is a professional email rather than my personal email address which is [email protected].

The former enables me to get instantly recognized as one of the employees at WpBuddy,  but the latter seems pretty amateur. You may also need many branded email addresses for assigning them to various departments of your company like these :

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Why Choose Gmail?

There are infinite ways to setup your own custom email. Your hosting company might provide you with a built-in mail server or a proprietary mail solution like SquirrelMail.  But those don’t even come close to Gmail when it comes to features. Usually corporates are recommend to use reliable paid email brands, but Gmail outweighs them in many aspects. Not only it is free, but it provides the following features :

  • Huge Storage Space: Gmail provides more than 10 Gigabytes of disk storage for free! You can keep as many attachments you like. Plus, even if your disk is suffocating, you have the freedom to expand your storage by additional space from Gmail.
  • Spam Prevention : Gmail is renowned for its spam control policies which would guarantee you a spam free inbox. You don’t need to worry about spam mails because they are automatically deleted, even before it reaches your inbox.
  • Search Feature: Gmail provides robust search features for your inbox to efficiently search through your mails, just like its cousin, the Google search engine, has always been known to. You can find what you need by entering just a few keywords into the instant search.
  • World Class Security : Gmail has always been concerned about the privacy of its users above anything. They have always tried to fulfill the security needs of its users by introducing innovative methods like the latest 2-step verification and so on. Gmail also utilizes HTTPS encryption to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Free for all: Yes! All of these amazing features are for free. Even for corporates.

Now we shall cover the actual procedure you need to follow to get your own branded email address.

#1 Set Up Google Apps Account :

  • Open the Google Apps for Domains page
  • Type in your domain name without the “http://www”. e.g.,
  • Fill in your personal information as required i.e. username, password, etc.
  • Enter the basic information about your company i.e. contact name, location, phone number, etc.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, and click “create the account”.

Now, you will be taken to a verification page where you will be asked to verify that this domain belongs to you. Though they provide two options for that, we recommend the Express method as it can be done much quickly.

#2 Verifying Your Domain:

One of the vital steps in the process, here you have to verify the ownership of your WordPress Domain name. Again , there many different methods for this. But we recommend the first one, that is, Upload HTML File. For this, you need to have FTP access to your site. You can then upload the given HTML file and complete verification.

But, in case you don’t have FTP access, or you don’t wish to get your hands dirty, then the second option will also do good, that is, HTML tag. For this, just browse to Alternate methods and click HTML tag. Just copy and paste the one line HTML code that you get here to your header or footer in WordPress. Now you may  return to the verification page and click Verify.

#3 Enable Gmail App on Your Domain:

  • Go to your Google Apps account. Your login URL would be of the form :
  • Sign in to your account using your username and password.
  • Navigate through Organization & Users ->Services. Find the Gmail App and then click the ON button to enable it.

#4 Setting up MX Records :

If you are aware of the ways how email works, you must be knowing that, for sending and receiving emails on your domain, you need to make certain additions to your DNS configuration. Particularly those records which define the mail services, MX Records as they are called. To get started :

  • Access your Google Apps and login to your account.
  • Navigate to Setup->Set up Gmail. Follow the simple on-screen directions.

If you have followed everything correctly, you can see a set of 5 MX records.These are the records which you need to add to your DNS setup. We shall tell you how to do it using your cPanel :

  • Access your web-host’s cPanel and login with the username and password you are provided by them. Once inside your cPanel, find the MX records Tool (or something having a similar name, usually located under MAIL options).
  • Open MX Records and select your domain if you are hosting multiple sites in the same account. Else you won’t see this step.
  • You will be asked to select the Email routing method, for which we shall choose the Automatically Detect Configuration option.
  • Using the Add a Record Tool, add those 5 MX records one-by-one which were provided by Google Apps in previous steps.

After completing the process, your MX Records would be seen somewhat like this :

Cheers! Now its time to celebrate! You have created a custom Gmail address for your new domain all by yourself!

Though it is often said that it takes a maximum of 24 hours to activate the MX records, depending on your hosting and ISP, it might take only a few hours. Why wait that long? Fire up Gmail in your browser and login with your supercool email address rightaway!

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