What Should You Ask Yourself Before Using a Pop Up or Slider Form?

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A well know blog was quoted as a source.

Someone said a stat suggested 2 in 10 people read your post after viewing headlines.

Are you on board with that? Be careful. What you believe comes true because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Most bloggers struggle horribly believing in stats that fear-filled bloggers helped fuel through their own poverty consciousness. Essentially, this is the energetically blind leading the energetically blind. Fools look at statistics as proof something is:

  • credible
  • trustworthy
  • truthful

But this is a huge mistake leading to endless blogging struggle. Why? You see what you believe.

But fools reverse the process; fools believe what they see. Lost bloggers look at negative statistics, believe in negative statistics as fact, believe in lack and limitation versus abundance and riches, and see terrible or muted results, busting their tail to overcome limits that did not exist until they chose to believe firmly in limits.

I never check stats or metrics because numbers have nothing to do with my brilliant vision.

Check this out:

Icon Britney Spears follows me. I discovered this yesterday. 58 million followers strong, she is one of the most influential artists on earth. Plus she is one of the most influential social media using celebrities on the planet.

Why did Britney follow me? She vibes with me on some level because I believe deeply in myself, versus most folks who believe deeply in stats, circumstances, and situations outside of themselves. People who believe in themselves over all else become famous in a world of people who believe in stats, outside conditions, and the opinions of other people.

My life plays like a dream movie because I believe in me and give little energy to:

  • statistics
  • metrics
  • numbers
  • outcomes
  • traffic
  • profits

The more I believe in me, the more my traffic and profits and stats grow. But I care little of stats minus a celebration for increasing traffic and profits. I see abundance. I do not see lack. I laugh at silly stats like the 2 out of 10 blog post reader stat because if you do not believe in ridiculous stats, you live a magical life. If you believe in limiting stats, you live a limited, confined, muted life. Everything flows according to your belief system. You co-create it all.

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I am always focusing on my vision, success, riches and generosity.

Naturally, all expand in my life, because where your energy goes, grows.

I woke at 7 AM today after an early evening showing of the new Godzilla movie last night. Great flick. I caught up with a prominent doctor buddy of mine for the first time in over a year. Good times.

I rolled out of bed, grabbed a cup of coffee, downed 2 glasses of water and did light networking. After writing and publishing a post, I walked for 70 minutes with my wife on this lazy, peaceful, cool weather, clear skied Saturday morning.

Doesn’t this sound like a peaceful, relaxing day? Yoga in a few moments. I just enjoyed a bowl of oats and fruit. Yum.

Could I ever live this fun, freeing, relaxed life if I ever believed the garbage, limiting belief that 2 in 10 people read my posts based on blah blah blah? No! I am focused on the next billion people to attract to Blogging From Paradise; not losing 8 out of 10 folks. Even folks who have great worldly success need to fight, strain and strive to overcome limiting stats they believe in. 100% their fight. 100% their fault.

Blogging gets easier and easier and easier when you focus on success, keep things positive, build your dream vision, have fun helping people and love the ride. Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Stop believing in limiting stats.

Start believing in yourself.