How to Rank Your Blog Post on Google: 6 Tips for Success

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Sums up my morning here in Thailand.

I walked by a peaceful moat in Chiang Mai. Morning cardio.

Light and chill, 60 minutes later, I crawled into bed again. Morning nap.

Life is good because I learned how to rank my blog post on Google. Or; blog posts.

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Google traffic is buying, passive, targeted traffic.

How to Rank Your Blog Post on Google

My 4 results on page 1 of Google for “pro blogging tips” send a steady stream of people to invest in my blogging course, to invest in my blogging eBook and to become loyal readers of Blogging From Paradise.

All flows passively. I enjoy passion fruit juice watching Netflix here in Thailand. People query search terms. Traffic and profits flow to me.

Sounds sweet, right?

See sugary search engine success.

Follow these tips.

1: See Your Success

See blogging success in mind.

Create a clear, confident mental picture of yourself living your dreams.

As within, so without.

Mental pictures influence you to pursue proven SEO techniques from a calm, confident, detached energy. Feels like magic but it is our intelligent design.

Build an image or vision in mind. Know you succeed now. Allow successful ideas to flow into your mind. Or just seize and follow these tips from a relaxed energy, to do as successful SEO bloggers do.

2: Pick a Semi-Competitive Keyword

Anything is possible.

This was from my 3 month trip to New Zealand.

But target keywords with less searches to dominate page 1.

I hold 4 spots on page 1 of Google for “pro blogging tips”. Four results drive steady, targeted traffic to me.

Try targeting “blogging”, for a less sound approach. Of course you can rank on page 1 but the level of attention and detail required to do it is best spent ranking for 5, 10 or 20 other keywords.

Page 1 competitive keyword rankings seem to flow to bloggers focused on landing 10 or 20 or more page 1 semi or non competitive keyword rankings. Bloggers like Neil Patel seemed to take this route.

2: Write a 1000 Word or Longer Post

Share practical tips in a 1000 word post to appeal to Google.

600 words is short for Google. But my page 1 results seem to be 1000 words or longer.

Publish a simple, easy to read, simple to scan post with:

  • headers
  • bullet points
  • short paragraphs
  • short sentences
  • simple, clear writing

I keep writing simple. I rank.

Write posts heavy on practical, usable tips. Of course if you offer easier and easier to understand – and use – solutions, Google favors you.

Imagine writing posts for a 5 year old. Be clear. Keep it simple. Google enjoys simple posts. Page 1 boasts simple, easy to understand content.

Practice writing 500 words daily offline to master the art of simple writing. You can do it. Practice. Prosper.

3: Link In to Resources

Link to 1-2 resources from your blog.

Linking in proves your blog worth. Google prefers ranking blogs with proven track records.

This was from my 4 month trip to Fiji.

how to rank your blog post on google

Ensure links feel relevant and helpful.

Link to value to see greater SERPs.

I pick 1-2 links related to the blog post I desire to rank. After searching the posts I give the nod to valued resources only. Ensure your blog links to good company via valuable, in-depth, helpful posts via your blog. Rank.

4: Link Out to Resources

Google enjoys knowing your blog sits in a rich neighborhood.

Link out to trusted blogging resources in your niche.

Observe links out above.

I linked to:

  • My Blogging From Paradise; a DA 42 blog
  • Neil Patel

Link to trusted resources in your niche.

Increase SERPs.

5: Use an SEO Plug In

SEO plug ins remind you to note the details most bloggers forget or miss.

Plug ins remind you to add your keyword in image alt tags and meta descriptions among other reminders.

I prefer Yoast.

Plug ins help you see and spot and honor smart SEO tactics.

I cannot remember every sound SEO strategy but plug ins alert me to these tactics.

Attain the highest score possible. Get all green checks via Yoast or score 85 or higher on a 100 scale plug in. Even if you come up a little short you increase your chances at reaching page 1.

6: Slow Down Calm Down and Chill

SEO is easy.

But SEO seems hard to most bloggers because:

  • most bloggers cling to limiting beliefs concerning SEO
  • most bloggers rush the process
  • many bloggers wildly try to rank on page 1
  • most bloggers blog nervously

Reaching page 1 of Google became easy the moment I chose to slow down, calm down, chill out and SEO optimize my blog posts from a detached, relaxed, casual space. No tension here; just confidence and clarity.

This was from my trip to Costa Rica.

I landed 4 results on page 1 of Google for 1 semi competitive keyword. Most posts and guest posts I published over the past month land on page 1, 2 or 3 of Google.

Think like a winner. Count your blogging wins. See your success.

Blogging and SEO is 100% focus and mindset. Focus on success to act like successful bloggers do.

Neil Patel calmly and confidently follows sound SEO advice. He never feels like he worries.

I adopted Neil’s vibe last month. Instantly, I reached page 1 for about 10 terms, like, immediately.


I focused on my blogging success so successful ideas calmly flowed into my mind. Optimizing my blog for SEO was one such idea.

After executing these ideas from a chill, detached, relaxed energy, I noted more and more of my posts reach page 1 quite easily.

My energy created the outcome.

Google wants you to rank on page 1. Believe this. Slow down, calm down, relax, play by their rules and reach page 1.