Hostgator India Review 2020

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Back in 2015, one of my websites which wasn’t hosted with HostGator went down due to traffic spiking up to 500 live visitors and it resulted in a loss of more than $4000.

The website was hosted on a shared hosting plan with some not so known company and couldn’t handle this much of traffic.

The spike in traffic was unexpected and it was due to WhatsApp calling feature that company had brought to the cross-platform instant messaging app last year.

My website was #1 for many keywords related to WhatsApp and was earning an average of $500 per day.

It was a simple WordPress blog and I had no idea that it can have this much of traffic otherwise I’d have shifted it to a better hosting service. I noticed an increase in traffic well in advance but had no idea, it will go up to this level.

I know many shared hosting can’t handle avg of 500 live visitors but this is not the case with HostGator.

HostGator’s Baby plan has handled 1500+ live visitors for me on a shared hosting plan without any problem and I’m pretty much satisfied with it.

Coming back to my site which was hosted with a local company, the traffic was at its peak and site went down due to heavy utilization of available resources (HostGator offers bigger resources).

When I contacted the hosting company, they offered me VPS hosting and I decided to buy one.

It took them 2 days for setting up VPS hosting account (I was very angry).

They told me CNAME records take upto 48 hours to propagate and there is nothing they can do to expedite the process.

When the server became ready, it couldn’t handle the traffic and the site went down again! The company asked me to buy extra RAM and CPU and I paid for additional 3GB RAM & 4 cores but it couldn’t work.

The problem didn’t resolve and my site remained down for several more days.

During this hassle of shifting the files from one server to another and then to another, Google threw my website away from the first page and the traffic declined.

The whole incident put me in  loss of more than $4000, it was a lesson learned for me.

HostGator Web Hosting Plan for Everyone’s needs

HostGator offers three different shared hosting plans and you can buy one based on the requirement. If you are willing to host only one domain, Hatching Plan would suffice.

However, if you see the requirement of hosting more than one domain moving forward, Baby Plan is a better choice by paying few extra bucks.

The last plan which is called Business Plan is suitable for businesses which have the requirements of SSL Certificates, dedicated IP, VoIP service, Toll-free number etc.

All the plans come with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth!