Can Blogging Be a Career for You?

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One question dances around in your mind: can blogging be a career?

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Doubt may try to creep into your mind. But excitement, enthusiasm and your dreams win out. Good.

Playing around with this question gives you clarity, focus and that little nudge you need to make a career change.

9-5 employees make the career change to blogging daily. Some people decide to go full time immediately after exiting their job. Other new bloggers take the full time route later on in their blogging careers.

Can Blogging Be a Career?


3 letters.

1 word.

I am an island hopping, full time blogger.

My day today; I moved one village over here in Thailand. I just enjoyed the sweetest pork and rice dish with some sweet, spicy sauce, purchased at the local market.

Thailand agrees with me. I have spent nearly 2 and a half years on and off in the Land of Smiles.

10 years ago I worked a security guard job. Today I am a professional blogger.

My career change has been fun, freeing and fulfilling. I circled the globe for 8 years. My life is a movie.

Ask yourself a few questions before diving in to blogging to give yourself clarity in making a career change.

Do You Enjoy Blogging?

Before choosing blogging as a career you should enjoy blogging.

Blogging success finds bloggers focused on their dreams, and their success.

Focusing on success becomes easy if you enjoy the blogging ride.

Check out this little guy I saw in Thailand.

I blogged for a few hours today. Every hour felt like play. Why? I love my blogging gig.

Success finds passionate bloggers who enjoy the ride.

Are You Aware of the Many Moving Parts?

Blogging as a career requires you to be a:

  • writer
  • networker
  • SEO pro
  • skilled entrepreneur

Be aware of the hats you will wear as a blogging pro.

I love playing different roles as a full time blogger. I feel almost like an actor on stage.

Even though I am genuine in all I do it feels fun to play the role of an SEO blogging pro one minute then blog commenting champion the following minute. Invest in my one of a kind blog commenting eBook to comment effectively.

One moment I teach bloggers how to monetize. The next moment I am learning how to become a more empowered entrepreneur.

Know your roles to dive into blogging from a clear, confident energy.

Be Prepared to Make a Financial Investment

Any blogger can make a minimal financial investment to begin blogging effectively.

Be aware; you pay up to play up as you scale.

New bloggers on a blogging career path can usually get by on inexpensive hosting. But you will need to invest in a blogging course and eBook in addition to investing in a premium theme to make wise career choices.

As your blog grows you need to invest in premium hosting or a VPS to handle your exponentially increasing blog traffic. I have a VPS to handle my 44,000 and ever increasing web visitors monthly.

Career bloggers know; invest money to do blogging right and to make more money. Expect to invest less than an offline business but be ready to circulate money to do blogging right.

Leave Your Employee Thinking Behind

No check waits for you every Thursday.

But you can take off whenever you want to.

I recall having 5 days of vacation as a security guard some 11 years ago.

Now I circle the globe and change time zones like most people change their minds.

I had to take initiative. I also rode out some bumps. Putting in significant energy was also a big factor in my success.

No ceiling for my salary. Plus I vacation in places like Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica.

Fun, freedom and relaxation greet me daily.

I shifted from thinking like an employee to thinking like an entrepreneur to facilitate this career change.

Blogging is a fun career choice for anyone willing to shift from thinking like an employee to thinking like an entrepreneur.

Blogging Is All Mindset

Like everything in life, where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Bloggers whose strong minds focus on success see success quickly compared to the rest of the world, because they are in the moment, versus time. Focus on an idea and feeling to allow the idea and feeling to come into form.

Choosing blogging as a career requires you to paint a vivid mental picture of yourself succeeding as a full time blogger.

Begin with the end in mind.

I doubled down on painting my vision in detail recently to see sweet Google success and a nice traffic and profits increase.

As within, so without.

Focus on keeping things positive to make your career change. Negative people mired in a 9-5 gig or your own doubting, negative limiting beliefs may try to warn you against being a pro blogger.

Work on your mental muscle. Meditate, do deep yin yoga and relax your focus, to expand your awareness and to be committed to success and to living your dreams.

How you think, feel and act determines your level of blogging success.

Be prepared to shift your focus regularly to shift your life from your current career to a blogging career.

Go for it

Go for it.

Blogging is a fabulous, fun, freeing and fulfilling career choice.

This is not a 9-5 job.

Having the freedom of working when you want to from anywhere on earth is worth the energy and intent you put into blogging.

I have lived a spectacular life through this magical medium.

Become a blogger.

Make an empowering career choice.