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I spent roughly 3 hours blogging today.

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But yesterday I blogged for 8 hours.

Some days I blog for 10 hours.

Other days I blog for 5 hours.

How much time should you blog daily?

No set answer exists.

Here’s why: blogging is energy not time driven.

Energy Versus Time

I wrote and published a blog post today. I also did a fun interview.

Toss in answering some questions on Quora and we have 3 hours spent blogging by 3 PM. Cool.

Of course, nobody pays me for 3 hours of work. Blogging is not a job. Blogging is not an exchange of work for salary.

Knowing this, blogging is not time-driven. Nobody looks over your shoulder, waiting to see if you punch in, blog-work, then punch out, and drive home.

Your success depends on how you vibe and what you do while you vibe a certain way.

I wrote a blog post on Blogging From Paradise plus this guest post because I feel whole, complete and abundant. Feeling abundant influenced me to act intelligently, ensuring each action – writing a blog post and guest post – helps me reach a maximum amount of people through minimum actions. Set time for both actions: roughly 90 minutes, for writing and publishing 2 posts.

This is from my trip to New Zealand.

Most bloggers today will feel a lack, limitation, scarcity, fear-based vibe. Said bloggers may work 30 minutes and quit – because they fear wasting their time – or work 12 hours wasting time posting affiliate links to 40 Facebook Groups, or maybe wasting time participating in page view and ad click threads.

Fear energy influences you to do unintelligent, failing blogging stuff. Whether you work 5 or 50,000 hours doing fear-filled, low energy, unintelligent blogging stuff, you will struggle and fail.

Ask a Better Question

Forget the time question.

Ask this question: How should I feel daily and what should I do daily to become a successful blogger?

My answer: feel really, really good and create plus connect to become a successful blogger.

How you choose to feel dictates your blogging actions and blogging actions yield specific results.

How you choose to feel serves as the domino putting all else into motion.

This is why I advise you:

  • visualize your dreams to feel positive vibes
  • focus on blogging wins
  • blog on positive topics
  • inspire readers to succeed

Cultivating this loving, inspired energy influences you to take success-promoting actions daily. Moving into actions naturally inspires you to spend 4, 6 or 10 hours daily working but the time factor plays a tiny part in your success. Energy plays the chief role because your chosen feeling or vibe creates the success you desire.

Blogging Gets Easier the Better You Feel

Feel really good to make blogging easier and easier.

Take today; I vibe incredibly high so 3-4 hours passes in the blink of an eye. If I work 8-10 hours, the 8-10 will not feel like work. Plus every action I take during this work day promotes my success. In a way, I can put in 10 hours of work but I feel like I blog on auto pilot. Working on your energy to raise your vibe is that important.

Create helpful content and connect with pro bloggers from this abundant, detached vibe. Know success is yours. Allow your successful journey to unfold before your very eyes.

Blogging gets easier if you use your mental muscle to feel good.

You won’t even think of how much time you spend blogging daily because time will fly by.