3 Blogging Super Powers to Develop

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Humans make mistakes.

Humans sometimes offer negative blogging advice.

I observed a few top bloggers recently:

  • telling bloggers what they cannot do
  • telling bloggers the odds are stacked against them
  • telling bloggers to avoid some income streams because said streams yield no money easily

I get it. I offered negatively charged advice in the past. Of course, by accident, I may do so from time to time these days.

But I did become vigilant of uplifting every blogger and seeing success in all bloggers versus seeing most bloggers in a struggling, failing, pessimistic light.

The Blogging Advice

Beware, avoid or flat out release blogging advice rooted in negative energy.

Bloggers who:

  • demean you
  • bemoan you
  • pity you
  • look down on you
  • negatively criticize you
  • tell you it’s going to be super hard to ever see blogging success
  • anger at your pitches
  • fight you or humiliate you

should be avoided; at least in their negative-minded moments.

The Biggest Problem for New or Struggling Bloggers

Many bloggers who offer negative, fear-based, low energy advice sometimes are the top bloggers on earth. Many of these bloggers positioned themselves as trusted resource; if you trust them implicitly you will pick up some negative, bad advice from time to time.

I admire most of these folks and consider the majority of top bloggers to be largely positive people whose heart is in the right place.

But unfortunately, being human, sometimes top bloggers offer advice from an energy of fear, pain, scarcity and struggle. New or struggling bloggers believe this advice, see themselves in a fear-filled, pain-filled, struggling, less than, non-deserving light, and proceed to struggle because top bloggers spent precious energy breaking down bloggers versus lifting up bloggers.

Your challenge; understand how top bloggers are human and sometimes offer pessimistic, negative, fearful advice that extends your struggles. I have done this in the past – breaking people down – and may do it now.  But I largely keep my advice super positive these days.

Follow Positive, Uplifting, Successful Advice and Ignore Everything Else

I blog a positive, uplifting blogging message most of the time because I see you being successful and becoming even more successful.

Rarely do I lead off posts with a negative, pain point focused, low energy message that pities you or breaks you down or lends you negative, struggling energy.

Even if a top blogger gains the respect of everybody in his or her niche, ignore their advice if their human, negative side comes out through their writing.

Only process and sponge up positive, uplifting, success focused advice. Nobody needs to know how crappy their life is; they already know, if going through difficult times.

Readers seek hope, dreams, and positive vibes. I teach people how to succeed. I sometimes teach folks to avoid failure but rarely give more than 1-2 lines to stressing the pain of failure.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. I see you succeeding. You become more successful. Plus you feel more inspired too, reading my uplifting content, if I see you as being successful, in a positive light.

Nobody wants to hear how they are poor, little, struggling bloggers, who have odds stacked against them, making big mistake after mistake. Who loves that message?

But readers love my positive, uplifting, inspired message. I may warn you to beware making a mistake but in the next breath I remind you of your blogging brilliance, your successful heritage, and of the fact that you succeed now.

Count your blogging wins. See positive developments with your blog.

Stop following negative advice.

Follow only uplifting, loving, positive-minded blogger advice to accelerate your blogging success.